Understanding the Functionality of a PICOSYSTEM®

Hydro groups contaminates into six general categories: dissolved solids, organics, particulates, microorganisms, microorganism by-products and dissolved gases. A typical 11218 Picosystem consists of a prefilter housing with a 0.2 micron filter cartridge, activated carbon canister and two mixed-bed deionizers. It is designed to purify water by means of a series of treatments, each with a fairly specific purpose.

Ion Exchange Explained

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  Principles of Deionization Deionization is the process of removing dissolved, ionizable solids from water using the principles of ion exchange. Ion exchange is a reversible process. The reversing of the process is called regeneration. Ion exchange works for two reasons: 1) Resins prefer “higher valence” ions such as calcium over lower valence ions, like […]