About Hydro

Who we are today

What began as a small start-up Service DI (SDI) company in 1967 is today an industry standard for customized pretreatment and filtration skids, high purity water generation systems, storage and distribution skids, wastewater recovery systems, and high-performance process skids for Life Sciences.

Hydro’s continued growth led to the expansive new Richard David Currin Center for Innovation which opened in January of 2019 with Engineering, Technical Services (I & C, CAD, Document Control), System Fabrication and Integration and UL 508 Panel Shop all under one roof.

We provide quality solutions to the Life Sciences, Microelectronics, Research, Academia, Healthcare and Food & Beverage markets.

Why Hydro

An unparalleled Team that comes together designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing every Hydro System from concept to completion.

A true team that comes together to design, engineer, fabricate, install and service every system from start to finish.

No “off the shelf” models.  No “one size fits most”.  No “gimmicks” to put customers at risk.  Only industry proven, cost effective, user focused High Purity Water Systems, Process Systems and Wastewater Recovery Systems manufactured of the highest quality components and operationally superior.

The perfect mix of highly trained dedicated industry professionals focused on getting the job done right no matter what it takes. Hydro is proud of our many loyal employees some of whom have decades of dedicated service to our organization.

Corporate History

Our humbled beginnings started in 1967 on Hillsborough Road in Durham, North Carolina under the guidance of our Founder Charles Riley, Sr.  To ensure quality products with exceptional performance, the focus on product development was selecting high-performance, non-leaching materials of construction and a state-of-the-art DI resin regeneration process.  Hydro pioneered the use of high-performance plastics such as UHMW polyethylene, polypropylene, (PVDF) and stainless steel in our Systems.  These selections along with premium grade resins and a proprietary resin regeneration process enhanced product water quality by significantly reducing organic, particulate, and bacterial contamination.  Hydro began manufacturing an innovative line of turn-key water systems for entire buildings and manufacturing processes, we custom built reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration systems.  Hydro soon established sales/service offices in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts and quickly developed a reputation for having quality products and services.

Hydro expanded to a larger facility in 1976 and again in 1981 with a new facility housing corporate offices, manufacturing and new regeneration plant.  A fifth division sales/service location was established in New Jersey.  Keeping their innovative momentum moving forward, Hydro developed a testing and validation program as a value-added service for our customers.  As growth continued, Charles S. Atwater was named President and CEO 1987 and Hydro added sales/service locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts.  In 2005, Hydro underwent major renovations to its facilities to modernize its operation and triple its production capacity.  At the time, this facility was the largest of its kind in the Eastern United States.

In August 2007, Charles S. Atwater retired from daily leadership but remained as Chairman of the Board.  Dave Currin was named President and CEO where he remained until his passing in 2019.  Hydro’s reputation propelled the business into design, engineering, and turnkey installation of even larger Systems Microelectronics and Pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.  Today, Hydro remains a privately held company and is led by the next generation, Charles S, Atwater, Jr. as CEO.  In 2021, Dave Currin (Hydro’s long-time leader) was honored with the dedication of The Richard David Currin Center for Innovation; our newest 40,000 square foot facility with Engineering, Technical Services (I & C, CAD, Document Control), System Fabrication and Integration and UL 508 Panel Shop all under one roof.

We provide service and support to an impressive client list that continues to grow and is expanding across the country. We are Hydro – The Pure Choice.

Innovative Solutions

Your success is our success.  Hydro builds customized high-purity systems to support your individual needs, meet regulatory requirements and critical manufacturing processes from Pharmaceuticals to Microelectronics.

Latest Technologies

We’re passionate about high-purity.  Hydro selects only the most superior materials, advanced components and instrumentation to guarantee the highest quality systems for the highest purities in water.  

Impressive TEAM

Whether designing with our engineers or maintaining your system with our service technicians, you always work the most qualified and experienced professionals at Hydro.

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We have been transforming customer ideas and visions into award-winning projects


Charles S. Atwater, Sr.

Chairman of the Board

Charles Atwater, Sr. is a Durham, North Carolina native and graduate of East Carolina University.  In 1987, he was named Hydro’s President and CEO by its founder, Charles Riley, Sr.  Under Charles’ leadership, Hydro modernized its facilities, operations and tripled its production capacity.  The Hydro facility was the largest of its kind in the Eastern United States and today, there are still processes in place which he helped develop to achieve the highest water qualities from the highest material qualities.  In August 2011, Charles retired and remains Chairman of the Board.

Charlie Atwater, Jr.

President & CEO

Charlie Atwater, Jr. joined the company in 2006 as CFO after spending years as a financial analyst and consultant for companies like Accenture, US Airways, and Seabury Capital. In January of 2020, Charlie was named Hydro’s new President and CEO. Charlie is a graduate of Emory University with an MBA from UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Wes Robbins

Vice President, Business Development

Wes Robbins started his career at Hydro in 1993 in Sales and worked his way through the company to his current position as VP, Business Development (since 2010).  Wes is a graduate of North Carolina State University and is recognized in the industry as a subject matter expert with almost 30 years of experience in the water purification market sector and service to Hydro.

DarreLl Baber

Vice President, Engineering & Production

Darrell Baber began his career at Hydro as a Project Engineer in 1984.  He then became the Technical Services Manager and in 2010, was promoted to VP, Engineering and Production.  In 2021, Darrell will have given over 37 years of service to Hydro with expertise in Pharmaceuticals (USP Purified and WFI Generation), Microelectronics (ASTM Electronics Grade), and Research, Healthcare and Academia (ASTM Grade) waters. Darrell has an unparalleled knowledge of water chemistry, system design, instrumentation/controls, validation protocols, and specifications development.

Innovation center Dedication

February 2020, Hydro unveiled the dedication of our Innovation Center.  Dedicated in memory of Dave Currin – former Hydro President and CEO for his 35 years of loyalty and devotion. 

Dave’s vision, leadership, inspiration, humor and compassion molded Hydro into an extraordinary company.  We will continue to honor his pure nature by caring for the well-being of our employees and by cherishing every partnership.  “It is what it is” will forever create a smile and be missed.



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