Elevating Healthcare Standards: AAMI ST108 and Our Commitment to Pure Water Excellence

In the realm of healthcare, maintaining high standards is paramount to ensuring patient safety and quality care delivery. At Hydro Service & Supplies, we recognize the critical importance of adhering to industry standards, particularly when it comes to environmental conditions and water quality within healthcare facilities. As “the pure water specialists,” we are deeply committed to upholding the highest benchmarks for water purification and environmental management. In this comprehensive blog post, we explore the significance of AAMI ST108 and its profound impact on enhancing patient safety and quality care, while also showcasing our commitment to excellence in water purification solutions.

Understanding the Functionality of a PICOSYSTEM®

Hydro groups contaminates into six general categories: dissolved solids, organics, particulates, microorganisms, microorganism by-products and dissolved gases. A typical 11218 Picosystem consists of a prefilter housing with a 0.2 micron filter cartridge, activated carbon canister and two mixed-bed deionizers. It is designed to purify water by means of a series of treatments, each with a fairly specific purpose.

What are the Benefits of UV & REC?

Microorganism control is the primary reason for using ultraviolet and recirculation in purified water systems. Minimizing microorganism levels in purified water systems involves two related concepts: Prevention and Control. To produce a sterile environment, specific efforts must be carried out, or organisms will be present.

Ion Exchange Explained

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  Principles of Deionization Deionization is the process of removing dissolved, ionizable solids from water using the principles of ion exchange. Ion exchange is a reversible process. The reversing of the process is called regeneration. Ion exchange works for two reasons: 1) Resins prefer “higher valence” ions such as calcium over lower valence ions, like […]

The Unique and Unusual Properties of Water

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To the average person, water is a common and ordinary substance which is often taken for granted, that is until a drought threatens crops and drinking water supplies, or a severe flood destroys life and property. Most people do not understand that without water, and its unique and unusual properties, life, as we know it on earth, would not exist.

UV Replacement Frequency Explained

  How it works Energy from a UV lamp destroys the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and prevents microorganisms from reproducing. UV lamps can be made to emit only 254 nm wavelength UV radiation, or both 185 and 254. The 185 nm bulbs are used for TOC reduction. The 185 nm wavelength first promotes the conversion of […]


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Where Do We Get PH? The term pH is a mathematical expression for the concentration of Hydrogen ions in solution, and is commonly used to describe how acidic or basic water is.  A pH of less than 7 indicates that there are more Hydrogen ions than Hydroxide ions and is acidic.  A pH greater than […]